About Us

Tangramarket Limited is a London – based company, founded on 8th Aug 2007- UK Reg. No  06336997

We also work in eCommerce and Online Marketing & Advertising.

Website Design

Please, use our contact form to describe your ideas and we will get back to you with a specific offer for your request.

We develop web sites to meet your needs and resources.


We are currently developing our automated hosting system.
Currently we offer this service after the customer’s request.

Please, use our contact form if you have any questions, or if you need additional information.

Telecom & IT Infrastructure

We have experience since the year 2000 in installing and terminating copper data cables and testing them, as well as installing fiber optic cables.

We are familiar with all types of Cat5, Cat5a, Cat6, Cat6a cables and some Cat7 cables, that are used in the UK and Europe.

We have trained and deployed engineers in major companies involved in this business in the United Kingdom.